Sunland Village East

Tennis  Club

Fun, Fitness and Fellowship through Tennis

Summer Tennis Program

**Tuesday & Saturday**: 

   - Court 1:   3.5 +

   - Court 2:   2.5 & 3.0 

   - Court 3:   1.5 & 2.0

Sign up for your skill level and court at signupgenius link below. Each court has slots for 6 people. Winners stay on the court but switch sides while others waiting enter the court.

**Thursday Ladder Matches**: 

   - Team up with a partner and take on the challenge of ladder matches. Challenge someone on your ladder and elevate your game


Sign up with your partner for Thursday ladder matches. Coordinate with your team to select opponents and showcase your skills on the court!


Sign Up Genius

Sign Up Genius Tutorial

Cinco de Mayo

Sunday May 5th - At the Sweet Spot

 No sign-up sheet; just bring your own beverage and a dish to share!  

Paper plates and plastic utensils will be provided from the stock on hand.  

We will plan to eat at 5 p.m.


Call or text



SVE TENNIS CLUB Player Improvement:

Free tennis drills and coaching every Wednesday and Friday for the month of April. The sessions will feature ball machine drills, hitting techniques and game strategy.  The sessions are at 7:00am-8:30am. Everyone and every skill level are welcome.

Questions? Call Brad at 307-321-4986

SVE Tennis Executive Board

President - Jackie Getgood - svetennisclubpres@gmail.com 

Vice President - Russ Johnson - svetennisclubvp@gmail.com 

Treasurer - Cindy Clark - svetennistreasurer@gmail.com 

Secretary - Marie Kulbaski - svetennissecretary@gmail.com 

Past President - Bob Henry - svetennisclubpp@gmail.com 

Sunland Village East Tennis Courts

2145 Farnsworth Drive

Mesa Arizona 85209

Phone: 480-380-1074